March 31, 2008

L’Oreal and an Initiative Against Ovarian Cancer

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color-of-hope.jpgToday, many cosmetic companies take a great step forward in supporting causes that affect women and their health. A lot try to put efforts supporting breast cancer, organizing events, walks, and launching lines that would go towards the research against the disease.

L’Oreal’s dedication to women went forward on supporting research and fundraising initiatives to finding a cure against ovarian cancer. The Hope cosmetic collection was launched, introducing the exclusive Color of Joy jewerly collection and sponsoring the prestigious L’Oreal Legends Gala. $13 millions were raised in the building of awareness and research against this horrible disease. Many celebrities (Andie MacDowell, Milla Jovovich, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson in 2008) endorse the cause in order to further create awareness around this health issue that threatens many women today (

I believe L’Oreal’s initiative in supporting the ovarian cancer research is a great step towards understanding and listening women. The company’s dedication of always serving us in all matters, is now going on a more emotional and empowering way. I believe breast and ovarian cancers can affect all of us, and it is always moving and powerful if the cause is supported by giant corporations. We can feel empowered and embellished in our inner and outer beauties…


The dreamy world of beauty/cosmetics & fragrances

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coco13nu3.jpgI am starting this blog in the hope of expressing maybe a little more what I think about the beauty/cosmetics world, especially advertising. I think this started at a young age… I always flipped through different magazines, and always ended up tearing a bunch of ads out of there to plaster them all over my wall (poor parents and landlord!). For some reason, many of them were perfume or luxury fashion ads. That’s how I can describe that I am interested in this industry… Through that inner feeling, through that voice that directs you in some funny way…

Looking back, I still find myself in that mode sometimes, but end up just letting the torn papers in a corner. It is something about being caught in the ad’s world… That’s also one of the reason I am studying marketing today. That gap between the creative and the customer is fascinating! I am so interested in taking a customer’s world (me for example) and being able to resonate with him/her with a message and/or an image. My interest for brands and their impact is has been growing since those early days… Today, I flip through that magazine, and end up staring and observing the picture for several minutes…Checking the details, how the background plays with the silhouettes; how the slogan blends with the image in a smooth way; how the color or black & white image accentuates more or less the dramatization of the scene; how the bottle of the perfume gently marries the landscape; how the use of blank space provokes thought and focus; how the scenery allows dream and fantasy; how the emotion depicted in the picture conveys much more than what it is on paper…

I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way. I love to look at all ads in general, and appreciate the big campaigns, for Coke, Absolut, Ipod or Nike. However, I still think that those perfume, cosmetics or even luxury fashion advertisements create the most emotion and dream for me. Do I see myself in it? Probably not… But I can feel that connection, or not if I judge the ad to be low quality or weak.

Anyways, this is why I am starting this blog. To put my thoughts into words, and to look at this industry’s fascinating world. Articles, news, ads critiques will be featured here…

Thoughts and inputs are welcome )