April 5, 2008

NYC visit of great beauty companies

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I was in NYC for two days, and had the privilege to visit the Bobbi Brown as well as L’Oreal Paris offices. I was astonished by the beauty and poise of some of the employees in each company, and the passion they had for the brand and authenticity of its concept.

Bobbi Brown’s history is very inspiring, as she just started out with the passion for art and make-up, and the integrity of each woman in today’s world. She started out her make-up launch with introducing a line of lipsticks at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. The sales were expected to be 100 in a first month, but instead they reached 100 in the first day. Since that day, Bobbi’s success just continued growing, and today the brand is considered one of the most respected and quality-made one in the world of cosmetics.

L’Oreal’s support for Women of Worth and the Color of Hope against ovarian cancer, really inspire the way one sees the company. The image goes beyond one that just conveys excellence and high-quality in the beauty/cosmetics industry, it also goes back to every woman’s true nature, health and inner-beauty to be a woman and to live up to it. I really was touched by the Women of Worth contest (http://www.womenofworth.com/home/home.aspx) and am truly inspired.


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