April 8, 2008

Should Luxury be made accessible to everyone?

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In tonight’s brand management class, we tried to examine the case of Burberry, going from its history to what it wants to convey today to the public. It appears that Burberry wants to position itself as a traditional, luxury brand, but also one that can be fashionable, trendy and hip. So what is exactly the positioning statement of Burberry? Can it actually be placed in the “luxury” category? Is true luxury actually accessible to everyone? Should we call the Burberry, Coach, Polo, etc. luxury brands?

I think that true luxury should remain unreachable to just anyone. True luxury carries an image of pure tradition, status and high-quality, that should actually only be accessible to those who can afford it. Luxury represents the dream of the upscale milieu, and portrays the lines of beauty, sophistication, elegance and uniqueness. Some brands are swimming between the “low level of high-end” and the “true luxury” circle, and have a hard time defining their core image and value. How should we then call this area? Should we just rename it to something other? I believe so…


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