April 28, 2008

Globalizing scents…

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As we always talk about it in my classes, it is vital to understand your consumers and their values in order to properly talk to them. This is valid for brands and product to resonate deeply with their target audiences.

In a recent article that I read in Marie Claire, the new trend for perfumeries is now to adapt their formulas
to fit each market’s preferences. While citrus scents are a hit in Mediterranean countries, because of so many orange and lemon trees there, there were once considered synonymous with household cleaners in the United States. But since the launch of CK One in 1994, every new fragrance included a similarly clean citrus top note. We all learn to develop our olfactory senses at a very young age, with our mom’s special perfume, her cooking in the kitchen or the flowers we walked by in the park nearby. These all affect our choices, as our culture does as well. Asian women for example prefer clean and nonfruity scents, while Americans lean toward sweet. On the same note, vanilla, which is the most popular scent in Latin America, has been able to cross boundaries, and is liked in general throughout countries.

I thought this article was very interesting as it went about those things we don’t really pay attention to: those things you smell. Fragrances can define who we are, and how we want people to think of us. I believe that localizing fragrances comes back to the roots of understanding cultures and adapting products to specific needs of specific markets. This is the bottom line of marketing: understanding your customer and what they think wherever they may be…


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