May 29, 2008

Walking through Macy’s, Promoting Perfumes

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Today, I took a little walk to observe Men’s and Women’s fragrances at Macy’s. Lots of perfumes for the summer season, lots of fresh/blue/sea themes also for Men, many pinks and gold ones for Women.

I didn’t really think much creativity was put into the displays. Only Armani (Code and Aqua di Gio) and Chanel really had display stands to promote their fragrances.

At the end, are displays for such products really effective? Do people pay attention? How could perfume really be promoted without having consumers sneeze because they smelled too many scents??


May 22, 2008

Chanel, again…

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Sorry I was missing so long, but I am preparing to move to NYC and it’s been hectic… I must say I am super excited…

Just a piece of news that I came accross earlier today:

Nicole Kidman is being replaced as the face of Chanel No. 5. The new muse will be French actress Audrey Tautou in 2009. Tautou is most famous for her fabulous part in the movie Amelie.

May 8, 2008


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Who would not fall for the clean, sophisticated and powerful man that is wearing AQVA pour Hommes Eau de Toilette from Bvlgari?

This noble and crisp fragrance was inspired mainly by the sea and its beauty. Posidonia, an oxygen-exuding aquatic plant found in the seas depths is the interpretation of the perfume. The scent is natural, fresh and powerfully masculine…

Coming soon this summer is the launch for AQVA pour Hommes Marine, which explores a more vibrant and fresh approach to masculinity.

May 4, 2008

Does Beyonce make you want to buy Diamonds?

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This campaign for Armani’s Diamonds perfume has been running for some time now, but I was wondering if the fact that the fragrance is promoted by singer Beyonce made it more appealing to us, customers… Actually for me, it is sort of a turn-off. I have an Armani Night perfume, and really like the fragrance. I would have definetely tried another one. But perhaps not Diamonds… Without even trying to smell the actual scent, I would not want to since I believe Beyonce is not the appropriate spokesperson for this brand.

Flipping through a magazine I did end up smelling the fragrance (smelly peel-off) and thought that it was actually not bad. I saw the commercial on tv as well. I don’t have anything against Beyonce, but I think she does not portray Armani’s image in the right way. If I think Beyonce and music, I would not relate them to a name such as Armani, which would more represent luxe, sophistication and high-fashion…

What do you think about this?