May 8, 2008


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Who would not fall for the clean, sophisticated and powerful man that is wearing AQVA pour Hommes Eau de Toilette from Bvlgari?

This noble and crisp fragrance was inspired mainly by the sea and its beauty. Posidonia, an oxygen-exuding aquatic plant found in the seas depths is the interpretation of the perfume. The scent is natural, fresh and powerfully masculine…

Coming soon this summer is the launch for AQVA pour Hommes Marine, which explores a more vibrant and fresh approach to masculinity.



  1. Ajent Orange said,

    This is a great fragrance. My husband wears it daily and it never grows tiring.

  2. anna said,

    how is the name of the model?

  3. adaphnee said,

    That’s a great question? Anyone knows this model’s name?

  4. lydia said,

    i think his name is andrew jay

  5. maky said,

    his name is oriol elcacho

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