May 4, 2008

Does Beyonce make you want to buy Diamonds?

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This campaign for Armani’s Diamonds perfume has been running for some time now, but I was wondering if the fact that the fragrance is promoted by singer Beyonce made it more appealing to us, customers… Actually for me, it is sort of a turn-off. I have an Armani Night perfume, and really like the fragrance. I would have definetely tried another one. But perhaps not Diamonds… Without even trying to smell the actual scent, I would not want to since I believe Beyonce is not the appropriate spokesperson for this brand.

Flipping through a magazine I did end up smelling the fragrance (smelly peel-off) and thought that it was actually not bad. I saw the commercial on tv as well. I don’t have anything against Beyonce, but I think she does not portray Armani’s image in the right way. If I think Beyonce and music, I would not relate them to a name such as Armani, which would more represent luxe, sophistication and high-fashion…

What do you think about this?