July 30, 2008

Vera Wang’s new Look

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So what do you think about this ad concept:

I am not sure if I am too keen of it… I mean, first of all, are we focusing on the bottle, the fragrance, or more on her very unique and actually heavy dress?? It might be more of a true fashion statement… I do like the “through” the glass of the bottle concept, reminding us of the “Look” title… But the background seems too cluttered with mirroring, and shimmering, that the “look” is a bit lost… However, that might be the whole point of the idea…

What are your thoughts?


June 23, 2008

Fifi Awards… 36th event, May 21st 2008

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And the winner is??

The Fifi (Fragrance Foundation) Awards were held May 21st 2008… “The Oscars of the scent” scene gathered some of the best smelling celebrities and designers in the business. Vera Wang received the Hall of Fame award, Zac Posen and Taylor Momsen presented, and the Beckhams managed to clean up without even being present…